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The Purpose of this Site
Why Otis tarda Online?

This website was primarily set up to assist rapid conservation actions to protect migratory and wintering Great Bustards within the range of the Middle European population of the species. However, the online database can be used to store information about observations of the species during the breeding and rearing period as well. Although the main purpose of this initiative is to support the work of the Great Bustard MoU, it also wishes to contribute to strengthen the network of bustard conservationists.

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What is Otis tarda Online?

The core of Otis tarda Online is an online database with some cutting edge features which makes it easier for you to store and retrieve your own data! In addition, you contribute with your observations to international Great Bustard research and conservation. The flash maps of this website will give you the bigger picture instantly. Otis tarda Online also aims to provide the most comprehensive news coverage about the species and projects dealing with it across the range contributing to the further development of a conservation community around the species.

Data access policy

Information submitted to the online database will be always accessible to the observer and to the international coordinators. In addition, the national coordinators maintaining the national version of this website and the national focal point to the Great Bustard MoU will be notified about observations outside of traditional areas during the migratory and wintering period in order to stimulate rapid conservation actions. Datat will be summarised and made available through flash maps only in course geographic resolution. However, other parts of the records such as number of individuals and details of the observer will be available to assist exchange of infromation amongst bustard practitioners without increasing unwanted disturbance to the species.

How is Otis tarda Online managed?

This website is managed by an international team which includes the international coordinators to the Great Bustard MoU and national coordinators in each range states. A unique feature of the website is that all menus and information are available in national languages to encourage international collaboration not only through political borders, but also overcoming language barriers.

Available language versions

Currently this website is available in the languages indicated in the top right corner. If you wish to assist us with translating the English version into your own language, please contact the international coordinators: Szabolcs Nagy or Rainer Raab.

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