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Certain parts of this website are only accessible for registered users in order to ensure data quality and confidentiality. Therefore, users who wish to use these features of the website are kindly requested to register. Information provided during registration is only available to the administrators of the website and will be not given out to any third parties.

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The copyright owner of the text published under the domain is BirdLife International and the Monitoring Centre of MME/BirdLife Hungary. 

The copyright of data and images remains in the exclusive ownership of the observers and the photographers and they cannot be transferred to any third parties without written prior agreement of the data provider. By registering the data providers accept that the national coordinators may communicate any necessary information to the competent national authorities in need of immediate conservation measures (e.g. location of wintering flocks, breeding birds).

All data on Otis tarda Online contains the name of the observer and the data provider. These persons are solely responsible for the validity of their data.

The logos of BirdLife International and Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) are the registered and protected logos of the respective organisations.

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1st International Symposium on Great Bustard
Conservation and Monitoring Network

(December 5-6, 2009, Beijing, China)
First Circular, Call for Pre-registration and...(06/06/2009) more »
By the end of the summer of 2006 the overall extension of the fields which are directly involved in the protection of Great Bustard in Hungary has reached almost 1500 hectares. (09/11/2006) more »
Is the export of chicks to England endangering the Russian population of Great Bustard? - one of the questions that had to be answered by great bustard conservation experts of MME (Hungarian Ornithological Society), who were requested to help the conservation work with their experiences in the...(19/07/2006) more »

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