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Sites About the Great Bustard
Projects Within the MoU Area

Austria >>
LIFE Project "Cross-border Protection of the Great Bustard in Austria" (in English and German)

Germany >>
Förderverein Großtrappenschutz e.V. (in German)

Hungary >>
LIFE Project "Conservation of Otis tarda in Hungary" (in English and Hungarian)

Slovakia >>
LIFE Project "Protection of Great Bustard in Slovakia" (in English, Slovak, German and Hungarian)

Projects Beyond the MoU Area

Spain >>
Projecto Avutarda (in English and Spanish)

United Kingdom >>
The Great Bustard Project (in English)

Turkey >>
Turkish Great Bustard project (in Turkish)

Conservation Status Assessments

Global Species Fact Sheet >>
The 2006 IUCN Red List assessment by BirdLife International.

European Species Account >>
Data used for the European Conservation Status Assessment by BirdLife International and published in "Birds in Europe: population estimates, trends and conservation status" (BirdLife International 2004).

Action Plans

European Action Plan >>
This action plan was compiled by Hans Peter Kollar and was endorsed by the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention and by the Ornis Committee of the European Union which oversees the implementation of the Birds Directive in the European Community.

CMS MoU Action Plan >>
This action plan was also compiled by Hans Peter Kollar adopted as part of the CMS Great Bustard MoU. Actions in this plan are cross-referenced with the ones in the European plan.

Literature about Great Bustard

Rainer Raab and his colleagues maintain an up-to-date list of published and unpublished literatures which can be found on the website of the Austrian Great Bustard LIFE project.

Published literature >>

Unpublished literature >>

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1st International Symposium on Great Bustard
Conservation and Monitoring Network

(December 5-6, 2009, Beijing, China)
First Circular, Call for Pre-registration and...(06/06/2009) more »
By the end of the summer of 2006 the overall extension of the fields which are directly involved in the protection of Great Bustard in Hungary has reached almost 1500 hectares. (09/11/2006) more »
Is the export of chicks to England endangering the Russian population of Great Bustard? - one of the questions that had to be answered by great bustard conservation experts of MME (Hungarian Ornithological Society), who were requested to help the conservation work with their experiences in the...(19/07/2006) more »

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